Nox and Sox removal from Flue

We offer system for removal of Nox and Sox from process flue gases. Guaranteed off-gasvalues, adaptable availability as well as gas quantities from 500 to 500,00 Nm3/h, are convincing arguments. Components, such as S)2, HCI and HF just as efficiently seperated as Nox, heavy metals, dioxines and furanes.

Wet Processes

Quench was and absorption tower – these technologies were conceived for sulphuric acid installations, even before environmental protection became a duty at entry level. At the same time, tailored absorption media are used according to requirement.

Super- Technology-SO2-elimination through H2O2 dosage with immediate extraction of up to 60% sulphuric acid in large-scale application.

Dry Processes

Dry absorption and Quasi-Dry-Process – a combination of dust removal, pollutant transposition and absorption with the addition of various adsorbent materials.

These procedures thus have an enormous spread of utilization possibilites.

Activated Carbon Filter – adsorption of dioxines, furanes and heavy metals by activated carbon.